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Pauline Dispensationalism


“Traditional Dispensationalism has been brought to confusion by Covenant Theology mainly because they have root similarity.  Hence, unless she moves onto Paul’s vertical plane, there is little or no hope for her survival.
Author: Miles J. Stanford


The Faith of God’s Elect


A unique book expounding the scriptural truth of election without falling into the traps of either Calvinism or Arminianism. Original Author: John F. Parkinson

Not Afraid to Tell the Truth


The authors attempt is to restore the "dispensational safety net" to Bible believing Churches and members of the "Body of Christ" that have become confused by false or deceived teachers and the growing numbers of anti-dispensationalists that have come in among the true brethren unawares, ignorant of the Believer's present heavenly position in the risen, ascended, and glorified Lord Jesus Christ. These teachers by not having rightly divided the Word of Truth have come in to many Evangelical Churches teaching the principles of the gospel of the Kingdom and not the gospel of the Grace of God as delivered to the Apostle Paul which are the directed teachings for the Church in this age of Grace. (1 Cor. 15: 3-5).
Author: Ken Schmidt

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Jimmy DeYoung's News Update
  • Outer space is the new frontier for earthlings to explore

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    JD: I want to talk with Don about the recent space travel. A couple of astronauts going up to the space station and spending a few months there and then coming back safely splashing down in the Gulf of Mexico just off the coast of Florida. Don, that was an exciting experience. It was an amazing thing.

    DD: Well it is exciting Jimmy, exploring the boundaries of the earth. I think we are all interested in exploring near by space.

    JD: When we talk about space and we understand what's really going on I'm wondering if this that we are talking about now in rejoicing over the success of is this going to be able to quick start the interest in space again and travel again out there into the high wild blue yonder?

    DD: Well yes Jimmy there is kind of a reawakening of space exploration. What's new and what's happening now is that private companies and private enterprise are competing with each other and that's always positive. They're kind of going places that even the government and NASA was not able to do. Things are becoming much more efficient and we continue to learn just the value of orbiting around the earth.

    JD: Well and this space is possibly going to be the next frontier. Would you agree with that? And do you see that Biblically its alright for we as people on this earth in this time period should be allowed to go out there and explore this new frontier?

    DD: Well yes, you know there are many frontiers. One can go to the depths of the ocean or one can go high in the sky and you can go both directions. In every case I think what we were finding is how special the earth is that it was created for us. It's almost that God has put secrets out there for us to find, to explore, to discover and then apply them as well. It all shows His preparation for us. 

    JD: I do know one thing for certain, Don DeYoung and Jimmy DeYoung are going to go past the moon, past Mars, past Jupiter all the way into the third heaven when Jesus Christ shouts at the Rapture of the Church. We'll be doing our space venture at that time won't we Don?

    DD: Well that's a great prospective to have Jimmy. Everything we see is God's handy work.

    JD: Dr. Don DeYoung with details on the new frontier of outer space.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    The study of outer space is a major effort by the United States and many other nations of the world. The concern is that many of the nations involved may be preparing to make war from outer space. However, my excitement about outer space is that I will be passing through it on my way to the third heaven at the Rapture.  
  • The terrorist group Hezbollah says that they have an atomic bomb in Haifa, a port city in Israel

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    JD: David a disaster taking place in Beirut Lebanon and now there is concern in Haifa right there on the coast a main port city for Israel that something similar could happen. Can you give us any details on that?

    DD: There are reports in the Arab and Lebanese media that Hezbollah was behind this that they were storing missiles at that port. Now the chief of Hezbollah Nasrallah said on Friday in a speech denied any involvement. He also said as you mentioned that he knows more about the port of Haifa than he does the port of Beirut. He said, "we have no role in running the port of Beirut but we have studied the enemies port and especially the huge ammonia plant that is there". There was a lot of talks about a possible attack on the ammonia plant in Haifa Bay. 

    There are estimates and Nasrallah in 2016 in a speech made reference to a report that had come out in Israel about the dangers of having that ammonia plant there and that it could take 80,000 lives in an explosion I think was the estimate and that was all over the news and Nasrallah quoted it. He said, "we have our own nuclear bomb." He said it's the port of Haifa and the ammonia stored there. He also mentioned the amount of ammonia that they have. 

    Now the Israeli environment minister this week right after the explosion in Beirut said we have to move that ammonia out of the urban area. It has to be moved further south and out of any urban areas. It's an extremely real situation Jimmy. It would be a much more powerful explosion than occurred in Beirut probably. And as Nasrallah said it would be like a nuclear explosion. Well the explosion in Beirut was they're saying the most powerful since the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima which is another reason why some think it may have been sabotaged. But Hezbollah on the defense but the residents on northern Israel are much more aware now are reawakened to the danger that this ammonia plant poses in their midst. 

    JD: David Dolan with the details behind the statement from Hezbollah that they have an atomic bomb in Haifa Israel.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    Hezbollah a surrogate terrorist group for Iran says they are ready to set off an atomic bomb in Israel's port city of Haifa. This threat is evidence that God's prophetic word could be fulfilled very soon. Ezekiel 38:5 and Psalm 83:7 mention Iran and Lebanon which is Hezbollah who both want to wipe Israel off the earth, Prophecy that could be fulfilled today. 
  • The catastrophic explosion in Beirut is still a mystery

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    JD: Ken a mystery is swirling around what caused the ammonium nitrate to explode there in Beirut. Can you give us any insight at all?

    KT: Well to start with Jimmy the port of Beirut has been controlled by Hezbollah for quite some time. There is some information out there that a Hezbollah team may have been working on a bomb with some of that explosive and connected a detonator improperly. It's called the bozo factory. But then that igniting the entire warehouse. It was not from what we know so far an intentional explosion. It was an accident but it may have been caused by Hezbollah. 

    What's interesting is that since this enormous explosion which has got to be the largest non nuclear explosion in the history of the world. Over 2,000 tons, a million pounds of ammonium nitrate everybody is pointing fingers to Hezbollah. We don't know how directly their involved in the actual explosion yet. 

    JD: Ken, am I correct that terrorist out there across the world use ammonium nitrate in order to build a bomb to use in their attacks?

    KT: Absolutely correct. It's called an antho bomb ammonium nitrate fuel oil. You mix the two together and you get a deadly combination. It's not sure how that happened in Beirut. There has been accidental explosions with ammonium nitrate but this was just unbelievable. Now the other thing we saw in the immediate aftermath when countries in Europe and in particular the French, the Italians and others were sending in aid to Beirut coming into the airport. You had three 747's from Iran run by the Iranian air force controlled by the Iranian air force coming into the Beirut airport. Normally when they do that the Israeli's will take them out because they know they're bringing weapons this time they did not. So the Iranians are clearly in there as well. We don't know what they brought in those 3 747's but its an awful lot of cargo and if they're bringing in humanitarian aid you would think they would be boasting about it and they have not.

    JD: Ken Timmerman with the details that we know today about the catastrophic explosion in Beirut Lebanon. 

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    Ken's report is a precursor type report on how the news will be reported during the Tribulation period. The devastation in Beirut with over 150 people killed and almost 5,000 people injured is a sample, a prototype of the news reporting during the Tribulation. This period is described in Revelation chapters 4-19. 16 chapters of details on that terrible time of judgment to come.
  • The knowledge of when the Church began is essential for our study of Bible prophecy

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    JD: Let's start with the definition of the church. Give that explanation first.

    DJ: Well first of all we often talk about "going to church or going to the church" and so the average person especially for those in the world the idea of church can mean different things. So for many the church is just a building where people have religious meetings but the Bible never really talks about the building where we meet as a church and only refers to the church as a building in a figurative sense. 

    For others the church refers to a particular group that identifies as Christians that's not the way the term is used in the Bible. When we see the term church in our English Bibles its a translation of the greek word ecclesia which is made up of two parts ec which means out and clesia which means called. So in other words a church is a called out group of people called by God into something. We can think of it this way the church is a fellowship of believers who have been called out of the world system and now belongs to the Lord.

    JD: Would you say that having a proper understanding of when the church began does make a difference concerning the prophetic truth that you and I teach?

    DJ: Well Jimmy I think it's very important and it does make a huge difference in how we understand the word of God. First if we don't have a Biblical understanding of when the church began then we can make the mistake that some do and fail to recognize that believing Israel is the people of God in the Old Testament is not the same as the church in the New Testament. And if we make that mistake we won't understand that the promises that God made to national Israel will be fulfilled in a literal kingdom here on the earth. We will also only think that things only intended only for the nation of Israel apply to the church as well. So that is a big problem with application and interpretation. If we hold that the church began with John the Baptist or Peter's confession in Matthew 16 then we'll likely began confusing the gospel of the kingdom with the gospel of salvation and we would start bringing works into the equation concerning how our sins our forgiven and how we receive eternal life. And it also means you must define a Christian as being something other than someone who was baptized by the holy sprit, into the body of Christ, into the one new man as Paul puts it in Ephesians 2 whether they be Jew or Gentile. So there are so many things this touches on. We need to get this right in order to correctly understand the prophetic word of God. 

    JD: David James with a Biblical understanding of when the church began.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    My conversation with David James on when the church began is key for our understanding of God's prophetic word. God gives us the prophetic truth for the future so that we can be prepared for that future and be ready for the Rapture and event that can happen at any moment even today.