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Living Truth Newsletter
Vol 1 #1 January - March 2011

A Quarterly Publication of Living Truth Ministry  www//


With excerpts selected from the unpublished work "Not Afraid To Tell The Truth" by Ken Schmidt


What do we mean by the “Genuine Article” vs  “The Spiritual Counterfeits” of our day?

On this matter Our Lord has the last word...


"In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he made the universe. The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven." (Heb 1:1-4) It (Salvation ) is a finished work...


What God the Father accomplished through his only begotten Son cannot, need not ever be repeated. Otherwise the word "finished" has no meaning. And no one could ever rest in the knowledge that God meant what he said and fulfilled his word completely in our Lord Jesus Christ. Where would mankind be without the words from Christ himself as he said, "It is finished" (John 19:30) and then bowed his head and gave up his spirit? No one living would be able to say that they know they have eternal life.


The counterfeits abound..

If you ask the question of any cult member or follower of a false religious system if they know that they have eternal life they invariably will say that no one can know that now and that only upon death can they be sure one way or the other, like millions who witnessed the life of sacrifice demonstrated by Mother Teresa would echo the thoughts that someone like her surely made it to heaven believe. But you and I know that the Bible (The word of God) is the final word on the matter and it proclaims that no one will see God or have their sins forgiven and know that they have eternal life unless they are
born again in Christ and Christ is now living in them. (John 3:3,5-6,36) The act of redemption (At Calvary’s Cross) where God has once for all demonstrated his mercy and forgiveness of sin in his Son was sufficient payment through the shed blood, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ...there is no-other-way!


Yet the counterfeits to this truth would have you believe that faith alone in Christ alone is not sufficient for salvation, and that no one can know in this life that they have eternal life; check out the definition of Purgatory that Catholic’s believe... "Those who die without having made sufficient restitution ("expiation") for their sins (even though Christ suffered for them) must spend some indefinite time of suffering in order to be made clean enough to enter heaven. The flames of purgatory are said to differ from the flames of hell in that the goal of purgatory is to cleanse the soul for heaven, whereas the flames of hell torment for eternity."


Could a loving, merciful God ever accept a work of self as sufficient payment for the penalty due each one of us for our sins that only the blood of the lamb of God could take away? How arrogant can you get! To think that there is any good thing in us that merits anything before a righteous and Holy God that He should submit to our fleshly plea of good works and self sacrifice. God’s plan before the ages was to provide reconciliation in and through his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the work is finished.


Let’s move on into the deeper waters of Sonship;("Living Truth") and the sanctification process of the heavenly position we occupy and take our eyes off of the worldly lures of temporary happiness and success as though they are the goals to strive for rather than to know peace with God our Father through the Lord Jesus Christ and full acceptance in the Beloved One whom we sit with at the right hand of the Father (positionally) now!


Understanding the difference between the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Gospel of The Grace of God...


From an article warning about the teachings of Neil Anderson, (Freedom In Christ Ministries) written by an observer, the same admonition can be applied to C. Peter Wagner’s church-growth and spiritual warfare missiology... "The doctrine of the universal authority of the believer" hinges on the premise that Christ did, in fact, confer his authority to his church. However, nowhere in the Word of God can it be found that such authority has been universally conferred to the church." C. Peter Wagner and virtually all of his contemporary "deliverance" ministers, including John Wimber (deceased), Merle Unger, Mark I. Bubeck, Dr. C. Fred Dickason and others point to Luke 9 and Luke 10 as their primary proof texts, wherein Christ commissions the 12 and the 70 Disciples, respectively, to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God and do miraculous works in his name. These texts in no way demonstrate, and cannot be made to say, that because Christ appointed and equipped a specific group for a specific task at a specific time for a specific purpose, that the Church today thereby has the same authority and commission. These disciples were sent out ahead of Jesus to proclaim the advent of the Messiah, and to support their claims with a demonstration of the signs such as were given by the Spirit of God as described by the Apostle Paul in 2 Cor. 12:12, and done by Jesus in Matthew 4:23-25. Furthermore, if our supposed authority rests in the fact that we are in Christ, then there is no connection with those events cited in Luke 9 and Luke 10 passages, as this was a pre-Pentecost episode; and let us not forget that among those who were sent to cast out demons, heal the sick and raise the dead was Judas, the betrayer of our Lord.


No branch of the church is as susceptible to Carl Jung’s Gnostic views than the Charismatic groups who have been immersed in the Gnostic doctrines of the Latter Rain Movement (also known as Joel’s Army or Manifest Sons of God). Latter Rain is a rapidly growing heresy in the 1990s, now gaining footholds in major Christian ministries and mission organizations around the world. According to Al Dager in his book Vengeance is Ours (Sword Publishers, 1990) much of modern charismatic Christianity has been influenced by the Gnostic doctrine that we can become gods: "Central to Manifest Sons of God doctrine is the belief that sonship to God comes through higher revelation. The Christian life, it is believed, is fragmented into stages of maturity: the first step is that of servant of God; the next is that of friend of God; following this is to become a son of God and, ultimately, gods ourselves." (p. 69) Albert Dager in "Vengeance Is Ours" lists a number of prominent Christian public figures and leaders throughout his book who have been affected in some way by the new Gnosticism of the Manifest Sons of God cult. Among the many adherents include: Ken Copeland, Paul Crouch, John Wimber, Francis Frangipane, Rick Joyner, Earl Paulk, Mike Bickle, Paul Cain, and Pat Robertson. Writer and researcher, Ed Tarkowski, in his 6-part series on the Laughing Phenomenon (Christian Conscience, 2/95--8/95) also lists Rodney Howard-Brown of the Laughing Revival, James Ryle of Promise Keepers, and Jay Gary of (AD 2000 and Celebration 2000 fame). Significant to our discussion will be the interrelationships between leaders of Promise Keepers and the Vineyard movement, as well as the connection between Vineyard beliefs and the Gnosticism of Latter Rain.


Why do we Tolerate the Counterfeits?

Every man or movement should be tested by Scripture. Notice that the test-by the time you come to John’s epistles, which were the last part of the New Testament to be written-was: If there come and unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him Godspeed (2 John 10). John said and he was approaching the century mark when he wrote this, that if they do not have the apostles’ doctrine, do not receive them. Correct doctrine is to be the mark of them. It is not now a question of speaking in tongues or miracle sign gifts as credentials, but rather thequestion is now, does he have the doctrine? If he does not have the doctrine, even if he is an angel from heaven, do not receive him. Paul says that if an angel should preach
any other gospel than we preach, let him be accursed (Galatians 1:8).


It seems ironic to me that in a letter received sometime ago from the Christian Research Institute, Hank Hanegraaff used the same scripture to refute dispensationalism in his letter about the Word Faith movement that he does to support his book "Christianity In Crisis". Following his belief that the "sign gifts" have not ceased, he now uses a flawed charismatic dodging trick to say that anyone who doesn’t believe in the perpetuity of Spiritual gifts is a hamfisted Fundamentalist etc. etc. since he now believes the Signs and Wonders crowd hasn’t had anything to do with the word faith name-it-claim-it crowd but that it’s all the fault of the metaphysical influences in the church and from the teachings of the Kenyons’, the Copelands’ dad Hagin et all. In a twist of the word processor he by default he comes to their defense by his endorsement of the Book "Another Gospel" by D.R. McConnell.


What is really going on is that those ‘ministries’ that are now or have leaned favorably in the past towards the restoration of the "sign gifts" in this the Church age, are not convicted that their past has come back to haunt them. Dr. Water Martin, as fine a Bible Scholar if there ever was, and an expert on the cults who founded CRI spoke in tongues...therefore since he did not live long enough to say if he believed in the restoration of signs and wonders...CRI has a legacy in the charismatic realm nevertheless. Hank Hanagraaff will not take a position on the "Sign Gifts" but he does by his statement about the perpetuity of Spiritual Gifts declare that there is no distinction to be made. He believes that all the gifts are still operative even in this the church age. The example he personally gives to trivialize this issue is that he believes the sign gifts operative or not in this age is "an in-house debate" not worth getting upset over." He’s not alone, a spokesperson for "This Week in Bible Prophecy" a weekly Television update done on the Bible and the prophetic events being fulfilled today by Peter and Paul LaLonde, also misunderstand the context of the verse in (Math 10:7) about preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom in all the world and (Math 24:14) that then the end will come, and says how that even Billy Graham is preaching the "Gospel of the Kingdom" through various satellite hook ups etc. to all the world...


Well doesn’t anybody understand that we are not now in the Tribulation period and that we are not now living in the days prior to Pentecost or the transition period of the church when the gospel of the Kingdom WAS being Preached....Is everybody so blind that we no longer understand the True Gospel of the Grace of God and what it means to preach it in the power of the Holy Spirit in this age of grace (the Church Age) and that it does not need to be supplemented with signs and wonders, tongues, miracles, healings etc.? I ask you the reader to examine the modern Charismatic renewal movement in light of scripture...Does it stand the Test of Scripture? Do they follow the rules the Word of God lays down?  End…


Thank you for visiting our web site at: this past month. As you may have observed we are still adding to it as fast aspossible and we are trying new ideas for the layout of the pages, now that we are on a new server and making corrections here and there to articles we have reposted and and corrected now that the decision has been made for the new title for the E book soon to be published,"Not Afraid To Tell The Truth" has been made. . Your comments and letters are requested. Any contact with us will be handled with a personal reply as long as we can keep up with the responses. Use the address for mail below and send a self addressed stamped envelope if you want a letter reply, or copy of our Newsletter. To: Living Truth Newsletter, Attention Ken Schmidt, 7125 Ashcreek Heights #102, Colorado Springs, CO 80922-3685


Discernment in the day of deception By Ken Schmidt, "Living Truth"

Deceptions' Downward Steps... We have touched upon the area of mental conditioning in previous articles in the Living Truth Newsletter and how psychologizers relentlessly exploit the ignorant with methods know often only to themselves, eventually their teachings destroy the faith of the weak and continue to cause great harm to the Body of Christ by their "counsel."


I postulate the following as a method being practiced by many so-called "inner healers" of today as well as the necessary steps to the acceptance of any belief system and the ultimate captivity which that belief will produce in human behavior. Such conditioning is predicated upon the presentation of a 'plausible' idea or rationally presented argument, and the subsequent or supposed benefit that one who believes and acts upon the information given can achieve for him or herself. This initial process can be described as Mental Manipulation. As an example: "Empowerment" The concept in today's workplace that many believe they can receive "power" to accomplish work and or to manage others to accomplish common goals or objectives. If an idea is rationally
presented, the body of supposed truth will be believed and accepted by the more trusting first, and later even by the skeptic if it is constantly repeated and reinforced.


The steps or downward slide can be illustrated as follows:

1. First comes Mental Capitulation; To give in from or as if from a gradual loss of strength. Submitting, yielding, surrendering, bowing, succumbing to an idea or suggestion. Following this mental capitulation, the motivation to pursue the ideas expressed will normally be initially intense, but later subside to a level that will need re- agitation in order for the original emotional state to return.


2. Emotional Captivation: Once the individual has become captivated by the euphoria of the concept or supposed truth now activated, they are ripe candidates for the next phase of experience driven behavior in order to sustain the emotion.


3. Evangelistic Fervor: The phase of captivity that often expresses itself at every opportunity, both inwardly and outwardly through personality, actions and thoughts relative only to the perceived reality, not to actual reality.


4. Transformation: An appearance or personal air of perfection, brilliance & humor with a carefree attitude of nonchalance; fully convinced they have "arrived." This model of deception will work as well for good as it will for evil. For instance the concept of "magic" could be interchanged for "empowerment" but "magic" is not socially acceptable today as a management tool. The same premise could be drawn concerning "inner healing." One would never consider taking the first step toward pursuing the goal of emotional freedom or an altered state of consciousness unless it appeared as a plausible reality one could accomplish.


Deception knows no boundaries.


Psychology has burgeoned beyond the borders of America and is found mushrooming in practically every continent. A missionary to France describes it this way: "The sufficiency of Scripture is undermined by the "psychologizing" of the church, as Christians turn more and more to the supposedly established "truths" of common grace and natural revelation, instead of giving any meaningful consideration to the profound realities of particular grace and special revelation that we as God’s redeemed people have in Christ Jesus. In other words, Freud has more to say about the inner heart of man than has Jeremiah, Jung about the ultimate experience than Isaiah, Maslow about the real motivations in life than the Apostle Paul, and Rogers can move us further along toward wholeness than can Jesus."


Just as Eastern religions are coming to the West disguised as psychology, psychology is being exported to the rest of the world through American Christianity by way of the psychologizers speaking abroad, through their books and tapes being promoted abroad, and by numerous missionaries now preaching a gospel diluted and polluted with psychology. It is ironic that Eastern religions are coming to the West as psychologies while psychology is being promoted throughout the world through Christianity.


Here is a final excerpt from a letter received by a Ministry that speaks against the psychoheresy infiltrating the Church today.


"Sadly we wish your newsletter did not exist. It is a terrible indictment on the condition of the Church that they don’t plainly see it for themselves that this psychology is deadly. Even worse is the fact that they write your material off as of no account. They are going to believe what they want to believe despite the facts and despite the truth. Last year I happened to be somewhere and picked up a copy of one of America’s major Christian publications. The whole publication was devoted to Christian psychology. Your ministry was mentioned virtually of a no account value, just brushed aside and not addressed at all”. Talk about apostasy. We have it now! I have studied psychology and conclude all of society has had its thinking changed by this leaven, and it is not hard to see terrible end-time persecution "through the Ministry of Love", Psychology will be one of the main tools used to control people and to rob
them of their freedom in Christ.  We appreciate you and what you are doing. Link to Psychoheresy Awarness Ministry Materials


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