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 The Readers Forum (when completed and launched on website) will be a password protected link identified on our Home page at: with a Book Menu Tab that users who have logged in with an approved User Name and Password can access to leave comments, suggestions, cautions etc, in addition to having access to all the minor corrections listed as erratum items which I have found in the first printing, and later where ideas for teaching on line to those who desire it, we will arrange for tune in times and subject matter to be discussed as Podcasts or even Video via Skype or similar Video podcasting as this portal develops.



Terms and Agreement:

These guidelines are intended to keep your feedback and discussions on this website civil, productive, and fun. We welcome your participation.
This page is your gateway to the Book Readers Forum and Reader discussion link which is, very simply, a site for reporting, analysis and conversation about the book “Not Afraid to tell the Truth” and what you are learning about the creeping Apostasy of these last days of the Church Age.
If you do not share our general concern about the increase of non dispensational and the false teachings of the NAR and other aberrant teachings, then this is not the site for you. If you do, share our concern, and agree with our Statement of Purpose and Site Guidelines, you may have found a yourself a home on the blogosphere. But just to be sure, please read on:
General Principles: READ CAREFULLY
1). We are a polite site. This is not the Wild West. Foul language will not be tolerated. Nor will abusive, hostile, inflammatory, or just plain rude conduct. We want to encourage dialog and even sharp disagreement, but this is no excuse for slander or unfounded accusations. Cursing will not be tolerated. We ask that you speak respectfully of all people, including those you see as "part of the problem". Nothing works to the False Teacher’s advantage more than to paint their opponents as hostile to faith, rather than hostile to its abuses. Extend your courtesy to other users by not posting more than two questions or short article per day, on subjects that have not already been covered. No one-line, or even one paragraph diaries.  We want to know your thoughts. Make use of the extended text box, etc. And, please stay on topic.
2). We are a ministry site. Posts don't need to be elaborately footnoted and sourced, but they should be original, have something more than your opinion to back them up, (we like links!) and have more of a point than whatever happens to have ticked you off today.
3). We are a non-partisan site. But the goal, as we say in the Statement of Purpose is to address our concerns about the false Teachers of this present dispensation, not to further the aims of one particular group or another. More generally, we are not in the business of choosing one approach to the problem over another. We are certainly not about to get into the question of one religion over another, or theism vs. unbelief. We are also not a particular denomination or "faith" as such.
4) Unlike some sites, the statement of purpose and guidelines and the decisions of the site owners, administrators or moderators are not up for discussion and debate. Suggestions, concerns and complaints should be emailed to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
5) We are a self-policing site, and believe it or not, one where we hope you'll have some intelligent exchange of thoughts and fun doing so. Though there are moderators who have the ability to enforce site rules, the primary responsibility falls on you, the users, through the "mojo system".
Use your power wisely, conduct yourself gently, and have a good time. When you check off the box below, you are indicating that you have read, understand and agree with our Statement of Purpose and agree to abide by the Site Guidelines

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