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The objective of Living Truth Ministry is to teach the Believer to apply the Word of God to all of life's circumstances, with a dispensational emphasis. This position comes from the conviction that the Word of God, rightly divided, is the answer to genuine changes in people's lives. The founders of the faith saw Scripture to be adequate for every aspect of life. Thus they viewed Greek and Hebrew as tools to dig deeper into the life-changing Word that people might be genuinely transformed. To that end, seminaries required four years of both Hebrew and Greek. That conviction has softened for some, and many have turned to other tools for ministry, e.g., psychology, psychiatry, stress management seminars, and specialty workshops for couples, church leaders, marriages, families, singles, and so on. Many do not view the Word of God alone to be sufficient for "all things that pertain to life and godliness" (2 Peter 1:3).


Our commitment is to teach the truth of the Word of God rightly divided, with instructional emphasis on dispensationalism. We believe that God's Word rightly divided (dispensationally) is God's way of revealing his Divine Intentions for mankind past, present and future. Thus from the biblical position of both the old and new testaments, we believe a thorough study of Greek and Hebrew to be necessary, along with systematic theology, as foundational to our dispensational overview of the Bible, and teaching ministry.


"Our mission" is to "expose error and through sound doctrine and the admonition of the Word of God bring truth to bear against the rising tide of apostasy in the closing period of the church age".


God does not call everyone to preach and teach. It is also apparent that even those so called do not all have the opportunity to prepare themselves in the original languages of Scripture. Every Christian should be convinced, however, of 2 Timothy 3:16-17: "All Scripture is God-breathed, and profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be prepared, having been fully equipped for every good work." Believers need training that looks to the Word and Spirit of God as the sole means of converting and changing lives, thus enabling them to live "Christ-Like living truth lives" to the glory of God.


Our Goal:
Is to provide literature and publications that edify and build up the Body of Christ dispensationally. To expose error and through sound doctrine and the admonition of the Word of God bring truth to bear against the rising tide of apostasy in the closing period of the church age.


LTM Distinctives:

Living Truth Ministry has adopted five distinctives that we emphasize in our publication and teaching ministry. See the web site which has made sound doctrinal information available to this ministry:


First, we share deep convictions that teaching the Word of God dispensationally itself builds believers in the faith for fruitful service. Therefore, exegesis and systematic theology are very important to us, being the basis of our educational program.


Second, we believe that a broad biblical education is important. That is, every believer should read widely in the written labors of our spiritual forefathers, such as Luther, Newell, Chafer and others. Our goal, however, is not necessarily to train our readers to do theology as these men did. We want to see every believer able to think through categories of Scripture for himself and under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit become fully equipped for the work of the ministry. In short blooming where your feet are planted, by living the truth and not following after error and the strong tide of Apostasy that is engulfing so many today.


Third, we also embrace the sufficiency of Scripture. We believe, therefore, that the Word of God by itself is adequate to prepare a man for a lifetime of effective ministry. No need exists, for example, to add to a curriculum classes in psychotherapy, humanistic psychology, or any method of counseling not fully rooted in Scripture for its philosophical outlook and practice.


Fourth, we adopt a normal, or literal, hermeneutic in each and every portion of Scripture. As a result we are traditional dispensationalists, seeing a clear differentiation between Israel and the Church, and Law and Grace.


Fifth, we hold fast to free grace, the view that man is saved by faith alone in Christ alone. No works before, during, or after the moment of faith in Christ add anything to the free gift of forgiveness and eternal life one receives through faith in Christ. The absence of works during or after the moment of faith subtract nothing from one's eternal position in Christ. Good works, however, are important, not to secure to oneself eternal salvation, but to honor the Lord, resulting in a basis for eternal rewards.


Additionally, we cherish the Christian liberty afforded by God's grace. Consequently, we unyieldingly oppose not only lawlessness in clearly sinful areas, but every expression of legalism where one places human standards above or beside God's Word.


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