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About Us:

I apologize for such a wordy statement of purpose to the reader who comes across our Living Truth Web Page.

I can find no better rational for having this web site than to say what I've already said in my soon to be published work titled "Not Afraid To Tell The Truth" That is: "We are here because of the confusion that is not altogether obvious to the masses which has crept into modern American Christianity in the closing period of the 20th century and now into the 21st century of the Church age. "A form of Godliness but void of the power of God."

The modern ecumenical movement of today coupled with a plethora of false belief systems that are as old as religion itself, have combined to permeate and perpetuate a pseudo religion upon the masses which is the harbinger of the unified world religious system under the satanic design of the coming Antichrist.

Beginning with the most prominent movement encompassed in the apostasy of our times (Charismatic Dominionism) we have set out to explore the Truth in the light of Scripture and expose the errors of the many seemingly unrelated but entangled misinterpreted doctrines infiltrating the churches that continue stimulating the pursuits of those who desire new truth and exciting experiences that attract false teachers whose preaching is filled with great swelling words of half truths that tickle the ears but leave the soul empty, dry and sorely vexed.

Where will it all end? God alone knows, but in the meantime we have been given the Bible and the Holy Spirit to guide and continue the work which has begun in us, so that not only will God work in us to produce the righteousness of Christ but He will work through us to produce the peaceable fruit of righteousness in the lives of all we touch with the truth.

Modern dominionist falsely believe that Christ the second Adam, died to purchase the right of dominion back for man from Satan over the earth, so that at the time of the second birth the Christian becomes co-regent, able supposedly to now rule over every aspect of this creation as God's vice-gerund in the present age.

Dominion Theology is predicated upon three basic (false) beliefs:

  1. Satan usurped man's dominion over the earth through the temptation of Adam and Eve.
  2. The Church is God's instrument to take dominion back from Satan.
  3. Jesus cannot or will not return until the Church has taken dominion by gaining control of the earth's governmental and social institutions.

If the foregoing (false beliefs of the Dominionists) were true then one could expect God to usher in a new era for man under the dispensation of Human Government that would fit nicely with His plans. Or so it would seem. However contrary to the false belief that many have supposed, especially in the Charismatic ranks who hold no dispensational view of the Bible, anything is fair game especially if they can find it in the  Bible, never mind that it is most often taken out of context, and anything taken out of context is a pretext.

(pretext) n. 1. An ostensible or professed purpose; an excuse. 2. An effort or a strategy intended to conceal something.

Another erroneous assumption made by modern day dominionists is the false belief that Adam was supposed to subdue the earth by destroying Satan. Believing that if he (Adam) could have perfectly obeyed God then the fall of mankind could have been avoided, Satan's scheme of overt rebellion against God would have supposedly been thwarted.

The fact is however, like it or not, the Fall did occur, mankind lost the former standing as co-ruler with God, and the whole world lies in wickedness to this very day. What the new man/woman in Christ does receive in the second birth is eternal life, the forgiveness of sins, and he/she becomes joint heirs with Christ in the Heavenly Realms (Positionally), a Spiritual House not made by human hands....(2 Cor 5:1). The believers body becomes the dwelling place of God. (1Cor 3:17), through the presence of the Holy Spirit of God, the third person of the Trinity who indwells every child of God.

The Earth is still ruled by Satan, the god of this world, and we (the redeemed) though a heavenly people still see the struggle with the Devil throughout our lives as he demands obedience of all those who are outside of the household of Faith (Believing-Saving) faith, that is found in none other than Jesus Christ our Lord!

Some pitfalls for the anti-dispensationalist, or the Believer who insists upon believing that the Kingdom principles taught by Jesus during his earthly sojourn are still in effect today are depicted in the following excerpts from a paper by Miles Stanford, written by Dr. L.S. Chafer that help to clarify this issue:

"The teachings of the Kingdom have not been applied to men in all the ages; nay, they have not been applied to any man. Since they anticipate the binding of Satan, a purified earth, the restoration of Israel, and the personal reign of the King, they cannot be applied until God' appointed time when these accompanying conditions on the earth have been brought to pass.

The kingdom laws will be addressed to Israel and beyond them to all the nations which will enter the Kingdom. It will be the first time and only universal reign of righteousness and peace in the history of the world. One nation was in view when the law of Moses was in force in the earth; (Israel). The (individual) is in view during this age of grace; and the whole social order of mankind will be in view when the Kingdom is established on the earth during the Millennial reign of the King."

"The reign of the King is never said to be ushered in by a gradual process of world improvement; it is introduced suddenly and with great violence. Satan and the satanic deception will have been removed from the earth, Israel will have realized the glory of her Covenants, and the long predicted blessing will have come upon all the Gentiles, and upon the creation itself."

"The Church is not once mentioned in relation to the teachings of the Kingdom, nor are those teachings applied to her; for her part in the Kingdom is not to be reigned over, but to reign with Christ-her Head. She, being the Bride of the King, is His Consort. She will be under the heavenly teachings of grace, and her home will be in the bosom of the bridegroom in the ivory palace of the King. The King will rule with a rod of iron. Sin and iniquity will be rebuked instantly and judged in perfect righteousness. Clear conception of the glory of the Kingdom is lost if it is confused with the age of grace."

"There is a dangerous and entirely baseless sentiment abroad which assumes that every teaching of Jesus must be binding during this age simply because He said it. The fact is forgotten that the Lord Jesus, while living under, keeping, and applying the Law of Moses, also taught the principles of His future Kingdom, and, at the end of His ministry and in relation to His Cross, He also anticipated the teaching of grace. If this threefold division of the teachings of Jesus is not recognized, there can be nothing but confusion of mind and subsequent contradiction of truth."

"The ceremonial law required for its observance the presence of Jehovah in the holy of holies, an altar, a priesthood, and a temple in Jerusalem. All these prerequisites for the observance of the ceremonial law were withdrawn at the beginning of the present age. The Church of Rome, in its attempt to continue the law system, proposed to meet this difficulty by creating its own altar, temple service, and priesthood, alleges that the Lord is present in the consecrated bread."

"The teachings of grace are perfect and sufficient in themselves. They provide for the instruction of the child of God in every situation which may arise. There is no need that they be supplemented, or augmented, by the addition of precepts from either the Law of Moses or the teachings of the Kingdom."

In my opinion both the Dominionist and the Christian Reconstructionist are anti-dispensational in their handling of the Word of God partially through ignorance, and mostly through the neglect of proper Bible study and not rightly dividing the Word of Truth. I will touch briefly on two factions prevalent today in various Evangelical circles that have given rise to this dilemma:

First the Shepherding-Discipleship movement which exemplifies the authoritarianism needed to implement and sustain it's attempt at establishing a theocratic or Theonomie rule or state on earth today, and the Charismatic Renewal movement which places a heavy emphasis on unity based upon the outward evidence of speaking in tongues. This affinity toward unity is natural among charismatics because of their common tendency toward mysticism. Charismatic Protestants are very ecumenical in their outlook, and are overtly working toward unity with the Papacy, yet millions are being un biblically duped.

The extremes of Shepherding-Discipleship were addressed by Bob Mumford in public apologies in print and on Television for the abuses in which his movement engaged. Yet in his apologies he has gone only so far as to say that the abuses were wrong and that the movement was wrong in not taking sufficient action to stop them. He continues to affirm however, that the principle of Shepherding-Discipleship is valid. But with this we must disagree. The very concept of Shepherding-Discipleship is ungodly. All forms-particularly that which Mumford still maintains as valid, stifle the individual believer's personal relationship to the Father and subordinates it to the corporate structure of the religious society. This is the Priest craft that maintained for centuries the Roman Catholic Church's control over Kings and other government magistrates. (Albert James Dager, The Church In Dominion).

These aberrations of the Faith continue to flourish in assemblies where it is believed that the "Sign Gifts" and office of Apostle and Prophet are still operative during this the Church age. Is it any wonder then that other such movements like "Promise Keepers" or the so called "Holy Laughing In The Spirit" wave of the Vineyard Fellowship has swept so many away into a blatant disregard for the rightly divided word and caused many to plunge unknowingly into the Apostasy of the last days?

The Charismatic ideal seems to have developed into this: in the interest of unity we must overlook differences in the doctrines of those who confess Jesus and appear to exhibit the gifts of the Spirit-particularly speaking in tongues. If there is any rhyme or reason to this widespread mysticism it is that many charismatics, having come out of denominationalism, have lacked sufficient grounding in God's Word to be able to separate the true work of the Holy Spirit from that of Satan. Having had little or no experience with supernatural power in their denominations, they sorely lack discernment in that area.

Many of today's most prominent leaders in charismatism are Pentecostals who believe that the Holy Spirit is at work in the movement. On that basis, they have carelessly embraced false teachers and opened their doors to great deception. This merely demonstrates that, whether traditional or Pentecostal, when one attaches more importance to experience than to the rightly-divided Word of Truth, the chance for error is greatly increased.

As you may know the Catholic-Evangelical accord signed in March of 1994 is already blazing the trail for unity with an interdenominational thrust; Charismatism presents an especially fertile ground for the propagation of unity with the papacy.

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