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Pauline Dispensationalism


“Traditional Dispensationalism has been brought to confusion by Covenant Theology mainly because they have root similarity.  Hence, unless she moves onto Paul’s vertical plane, there is little or no hope for her survival.
Author: Miles J. Stanford


The Faith of God’s Elect


A unique book expounding the scriptural truth of election without falling into the traps of either Calvinism or Arminianism. Original Author: John F. Parkinson

Not Afraid to Tell the Truth


The authors attempt is to restore the "dispensational safety net" to Bible believing Churches and members of the "Body of Christ" that have become confused by false or deceived teachers and the growing numbers of anti-dispensationalists that have come in among the true brethren unawares, ignorant of the Believer's present heavenly position in the risen, ascended, and glorified Lord Jesus Christ. These teachers by not having rightly divided the Word of Truth have come in to many Evangelical Churches teaching the principles of the gospel of the Kingdom and not the gospel of the Grace of God as delivered to the Apostle Paul which are the directed teachings for the Church in this age of Grace. (1 Cor. 15: 3-5).
Author: Ken Schmidt

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Jimmy DeYoung's News Update
  • A top Iranian General is in Syria waiting for the order to enter Israel and eradicate the Jewish state
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    JD: There is an Iranian top General that’s in Syria saying that they’re waiting for the order to cross the border come into Israel and eradicate the Jewish state; pretty intense at this point there in the Middle East.

    DD: Very intense Jimmy, he’s a senior member of the radical Iranian forces the Revolutionary Guard they call themselves. The goal was to the destruction of Israel completely. He said our forces are right there they’re ready to move at any time and as you said ready for that order. And he indicated that he believed that order would come. He’s a senior member of the general staff there so he should know indicating that the government of Iran the radical Shiite Muslim regime that runs that country has decided to go to war.

    And as I’ve been saying now for several months Jimmy, they’ve been 5 years now building up their forces inside of Syria aiding Syria of course mainly to bend off its Sunni Arab enemies and put down the revolt against the Assad regime. But all the while putting their own infrastructure in place setting up their own bases. There was a drone shot down that was fired by either Syria or Iran into the Golan Heights. It’s hot, it’s a war Jimmy and it has the potential to become a full-scale conflict at virtually any moment as the general indicators as all they have to do is get the order and go across. But it’s a very very intense situation.

    Heavy Russian involvement Jimmy and that is the reason that Benjamin Netanyahu flew once again to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin to call off the Iranians and the Hezbollah fighters that are down there to stop the heavy bumbarbance along the border. And certainly to get Iran out of Syria that’s the goal they’ve stated that again and that is the goal. But of course Israel is also preparing for war Jimmy, heavy fighting going on right along the Golan border and again we’ve had reinforcements of Israeli military units in the region this week and that’s an ongoing situation.

    JD: David Dolan with the latest on Iran waiting to get the order to attack Israel.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    The ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel revealed to us that Iran, Ezekiel 38:5, that Iran would attack Israel to wipe them off the face of the earth, that’s Psalm 83:4. David Dolan’s Middle East news update has alerted us to the fact that Iran is perched in Syria awaiting the order to attack Israel to eradicate the Jewish state. The stage is set for Ezekiel’s prophecy to be fulfilled.

    As a Christian awaiting the rapture we must be prepared for it to happen even today. 
  • The Trump-Putin Summit was very important as it relates to the events of the Middle East in the future
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    JD: Ole Vladimir Putin sly as a fox getting his ducks in a row as it relates to the Middle East. But I know he’s already made this statement that a pull out of the Iranian troops out of Syria is unrealistic.

    WM: If I was in Netanyahu’s shoes I would be urging him to say listen Vladimir it’s going to be impossible for me not to use military force if Iran moves further into Syria. They don’t want us around. Iran has made it very very clear that we don’t exist after they win and so I’m going to have to do something. So either we coordinate this or you perhaps even help me out by restraining Iran as much as possible. And I presume getting back to your first question Mr. Trump and his aides the Secretary of State and National Security Advisor will probably be trying to do basically the same thing.

    JD: And I’m hearing from that part of the world is that Iran and Hezbollah are setting up a terror infrastructure there in the Syrian Golan Heights. So this is becoming a major threat that Israel is going to have to deal with.

    WM: That Iranian forces or Hezbollah forces sneaking in undercover in Golan and then striking out at the northern Galilee is very logical for us in understanding this with Mr. Trump. At least the two of them who amazingly Jimmy are turning out to be the best strongest and forceful demographic world leaders on the stage today, Netanyahu and Trump then maybe something can happen. But they have to give it a try whether or not Europe or other countries like it for themselves as well.

    JD: Winkie Medad with his thoughts on the importance of the Trump-Putin Summit to Israel and in fact the entire Middle East.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    The Trump-Putin Summit was very controversial before it ever happened but is even more controversial since it took place in Helsinki, Finland. However, as Winkie Medad reported for us the Summit was very important as it relates to the future of Israel and the entire Middle East.

    What ever you think of the uproar among politicians in America after the Summit the Bible reveals that Russia is a major player in the end time scenario that is found in Bible prophecy, that’s Ezekiel 38:2 and Daniel 11:44. This sit down conversation between Trump and Putin is a precursor to God’s plan for the future. 
  • Even before the Trump-Putin Summit the Russian President spoke with a number of world leaders for meeting President Trump
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    JD: Well Ken you have just returned from Europe, Vladimir Putin is making some arrangements to meet with President Trump who has been very busy at the NATO summit with the European Union members. But what’s so interesting to me is that the President of Russia had a conversation to interact with the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu but also had conversation with King Abdullah. We talked about that last week but as we get closer to the summit Putin and Trump these were two very important conversations as well were they not?

    KT: Well yes of course and Putin again has become a power broker in the Middle East. This is the first time Russia has really had this type of influence since the depts. Of the Cold War that was in the mid 1980s actually. And Putin has very skillfully reinserted Russia into the Middle East. They now have revived their military bases in Syria. Just this past week in fact while President Trump was meeting with NATO allies in Brussels the Russian Navy their Mediterranean fleet, which had been virtually non-existent for decades, is back. They were holding live firing exercises with crews missiles off the coast of Syria. So, the Russians are back and that is big news. I’m not sure it’s particularly good news.

    JD: Ken Timmerman speaking of the preparations made by President Putin before the Trump-Putin summit.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    Both US President Trump and Russian President Putin had a busy time before the Trump-Putin summit. President Trump was in Europe at the NATO summit in a meeting with the European Union member State leaders. At the same time the Russian President met with the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, King Abdullah of Jordan, French President Macron and other Middle Eastern leaders preparing for the summit. Each of these international leaders are key to the nations that they represent in the end time scenario that is found in Bible prophecy. 

    NATO and the European Union leaders will become the revived Roman Empire. President Putin and Russia will lead the Islamic Middle Eastern nations in a coalition that will align themselves to wipe out the Jewish State of Israel. This report reveals that the two major powers in the last days will be the revived Roman Empire that’s Daniel 7:7 and the Gog-Magog alignment of Ezekiel 38. This Trump-Putin summit is actually setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.
  • The Israeli government says there are now more Jews living in Israel then there are living in the United States and this has a prophetic significance
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    JD: David I was noticing there was an article that one of the Israeli cabinet members had said it has happened. Now Israel has more Jews more Jewish population in Israel itself more than the United States Jewish population. As I remember about 6.6 million Jews living in Israel and in the United States 5.7.

    DW: You know I was thinking about it after I saw that article and you know it has an up side and it has a down side. It has an up side because of course we really want more people to come live here in Israel. We want the Jewish community to continue to grow. It’s growing because people are coming to live here from all over the world and it’s also growing because we have a very high birth rate.

    On the other hand there’s a down side you know what’s happening to the American Jewish community? And the major issue there is not that their all leaving to come here but there’s a tremendous amount of assimilation and people are forgetting their Jews and that is of course something that’s negative. We prefer that the Jewish identity remain.

    JD: I understand that God’s word really is commanding all Jews to move to Israel ultimately. Would you agree with that?

    DW: Yeah, I agree with that. The reason you know when we talk about in the five books of Moses in the Torah the second book is out of Exodus. The Jews were taken out of bondage out of slavery in Egypt and the primary reason for that was to bring them to the land of Israel. There have been a Covenant made with patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to bring the Jews back into the land of Israel and this is where we belong, this is our home. This is our homeland this is definitely where Jews should be. We’re seeing a continued growth in the Jewish population here. And I have no doubt that in the coming years and the coming decades we’ll see a continued growth; people will continue to come here. And I think the time isn’t too far away when that article we’ll see in the press won’t just be that there are more Jews in Israel than in the United States but we’ll very soon see that a majority of Jews in the world live in Israel as a pose to in the diaspora. That will of course be a very important turning point in history and I hope that I’m privileged to live to see that day.

    JD: David Wilder with insight about the expanding Jewish population in Israel.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    David Wilder said he wants to see the day when almost all Jews are living in Israel. That day is coming according to the prophetic word of God. Ezekiel chapter 37 says that Jews will re-gather to God’s promised land that’s verse 7. Verse 8 says a Jewish nation will be restored. Both of these prophecies have been or are being fulfilled today. The Jewish Messiah is coming back to earth very soon.