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Pauline Dispensationalism


“Traditional Dispensationalism has been brought to confusion by Covenant Theology mainly because they have root similarity.  Hence, unless she moves onto Paul’s vertical plane, there is little or no hope for her survival.
Author: Miles J. Stanford


The Faith of God’s Elect


A unique book expounding the scriptural truth of election without falling into the traps of either Calvinism or Arminianism. Original Author: John F. Parkinson

Not Afraid to Tell the Truth


The authors attempt is to restore the "dispensational safety net" to Bible believing Churches and members of the "Body of Christ" that have become confused by false or deceived teachers and the growing numbers of anti-dispensationalists that have come in among the true brethren unawares, ignorant of the Believer's present heavenly position in the risen, ascended, and glorified Lord Jesus Christ. These teachers by not having rightly divided the Word of Truth have come in to many Evangelical Churches teaching the principles of the gospel of the Kingdom and not the gospel of the Grace of God as delivered to the Apostle Paul which are the directed teachings for the Church in this age of Grace. (1 Cor. 15: 3-5).
Author: Ken Schmidt

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Jimmy DeYoung's News Update
  • Scientists are reporting a mysterious sound that is coming to earth from some three billion light years away
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    JD: This mysterious sound that’s coming from way far out in space. Some are saying possibly a black hole, talk to me about this sound that’s coming from way out in space.

    DD: Well yes Jimmy, new discovery’s and findings from space continue that recent article is all about what is called a fast radio burst. It’s just a burst of energy that is picked up with some of our instruments. Not sure whether it’s coming from far far away or not so far. It’s kind of mysterious but a high energy halts. Now it might be called a sound but it’s not something that you would hear. It’s really a radio signal. What it is no one knows and of course some of the far out ideas always that it might be aliens. As you say it may be coming from perhaps a neutron star or black holes interacting with each other.

    JD: I noticed what you just said you don’t know if it’s coming from close or from far away. But as I read the article it seems like the scientist they’re saying it was coming from three billion light years away. Now, if that is the case that’s a far distance out there. Can you help us understand what one light year is and then compare that to three billion?

    DD: In astronomy these distance are always a stretch of our minds. A light year is the distance that light travels during an entire year and that’s about six trillion miles. The nearest night time star is about four of those light years away. So, then when you get into million or billions of light years it’s just unfathomable distances that you’re talking about. That burst of energy the thought first of all is that maybe it was just coming from earth from one of our own machines or something but that was ruled out.

    Whether it’s coming from that far away billions of light years if it is it’s a huge concentration of energy out there. Time may tell whether it’s coming from our own milky way or coming from a far away galaxy.  

    JD: Dr. Don DeYoung an astronomer with this report which is evidence of the vastness of the heavens.

     We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    This mysterious sound from some three billion light years away has not yet been identified. However one thing is for sure the heavens above have an expanse that super naturally was brought into existence. This heavenly expanse declares the glory of the Lord, that’s Psalm 19.

    This report also can confirm that the creator Jesus Christ, Colossians 1:16, that Jesus can reveal the future as well because he is the beginning and the end, that’s Revelation 1:11. The future foretold by Jesus Christ will come to pass. 
  • The Iranian demonstrators may allow the tens of thousands of Iranian Christians to surface and help bring down the Islamic Republic
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    JD: Are these demonstrations from the grass roots or are they outside sources like the United States or Israel? And if indeed they overthrow it is that going to mean they’re going to get rid of Islam in this country all together?

    SH: It’s a hard question to answer. Certainly I think there’s propaganda support meaning that I think the US and Israel is trying to help with communication support. Is there more than that? I’m not sure as far as you know again there would need to be outside intervention also for this regime to fall. But it is grass roots absolutely it is grass roots. And that’s why I said the propaganda of the regime to bring out their paid actors in the streets, their sort of pro-government protest and rallies that they’ve had. But it is absolutely grass roots.

    And let’s not forget this important fact, that Iran is by many accounts the fastest growing church in the world. We’re talking potentially a million to a million and a half born again believers in Jesus Christ in these underground churches. But that is a stoking fire here that it’s hard to measure. So, because of that revival that is happening among the Persian people under great persecution Dr. DeYoung we know that Persia-Iran is mentioned in Bible prophecy. Right? We know in Ezekiel 38 as it’s mentioned prophecies and in Isaiah’s 11:11, in Jeremiah 49 the ancient prophecy about Elam.

    So, Iran is definitely a player in the last days. And the Lord mentions the warning against the bow of Islam in Jeremiah 49. So, I think that eventually Islam is going to fall in Iran and there is going to be an amazing continued movement of God in the heart of the Iranian people. Let’s not forget that Persia has had a special relationship with the Jewish people in the Bible. And I think the Lord has a special heart for the Persian people which is why I think you see this revival happening. 

    JD: Shahram Hadian revealing the large number of Christians located today in Iran.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    Iran is an Islamic Republic that is controlled by the Iranian leaders the radical Ayatollah’s. Even though there is over a million Christians in the underground church in Iran these Islamic radicals have control of this nation. Islam by the way is the lowest common denominator in the alignment of nations that will join together in an effort to destroy the Jewish state of Israel that’s Ezekiel 38, Daniel 11, and Psalm 83.

    We know that this is God’s absolute scenario for the end of days. We praise the Lord for the Iranian Christians but remember Bible prophecy will be fulfilled. 
  • One of our broadcast partners here on Prophecy Today addressed the European Parliament on the subject of the Iranian demonstrations
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    JD: Ken actually is in Brussels Belgium he addressed the European Union Parliament. Remind everybody what the Parliament is.

    KT: Seven hundred and twenty some members of Parliament from twenty-six different countries they get together to talk about the economy about policy in general and foreign policy. At the same time that I was on one side of the Parliament building with groups representing Iranian opposition organizations and ethnic minorities we were talking about the protest in Iran on one side of the Parliament. On the other side they had the Iranian Foreign Minister who’s being received by the German Foreign Minister and other European leaders. They do all kinds of things.

    I came with a message, that number one the protests that we’re seeing in Iran today are not like those in the past. They’re not like 2009. Today the protesters are saying we don’t care about the vote, we don’t care about your regime, we don’t care about the President, we don’t care about your phony elections we want freedom.

    The very nature of the protests is very different. You have Kurds protesting these ethnic minority groups who populate Iran. So, this is a hot bed of decent and for the first time they’ve actually come out and joined people in the rest of the country. It’s very clear for the first time that the US government supports the cause of freedom of the freedom of the people in Iran. That’s a big deal.

    JD: Ken Timmerman who addressed the European Parliament explaining what he told the Parliamentarians.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    Ken Timmerman had the honor of addressing the European Parliament in Brussels Belgium. Ken told the Parliamentarians that the demonstrations in Iran are different than the ones in 2009. Ken said that these demonstrations really mean business this time. They want the fall of the Supreme Council and the Ayatollahs who are leading the Islamic Republic today. The future of these demonstrations is as of now unknown. However, we do know what the future of Iran is according to Ezekiel chapter 38 they will be a part of a coalition of nations that will be defeated right after the rapture of the church, that’s Ezekiel 39.

    The ancient Jewish prophet Jeremiah also wrote about the demise of Iran as a part of the end times scenario that is found in Jeremiah 49:34-39. The current events surrounding Iran are actually setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. 
  • A false alarm on a missile attack on Hawaii makes the world aware of a potential North Korean missile attack
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    JD: David Dolan you have covered the Middle East for over 35 years. You’ve been through terrorist, attacks, the attacks from Saddam Hussein, the 39 scuds but you go for a rest but over to Hawaii and you’re awaken with an alarm a national alarm indicating there’s a missile coming in and that may be one from North Korea. What was it like when you woke up and realized what was going on?

    DD: I think the Lord that I woke up just about the time that they were starting to realize it was a false alarm, real panic frankly. I talked to people since then and I’ve decided if it were to happen I would just go to the beach and raise my hands up to heaven and say take me now Lord. It was real panic and yes how ironic after years - decades in the Middle East.

    JD: Now this has really been a wake up call to any defense system and it was the real thing there wouldn’t have been enough time for anybody to do anything in anticipation of this nuclear attack from North Korea supposedly would there?

    DD: No there wouldn’t Jimmy and people here are speculating because it was 42 minutes before a correction was issued saying this is not a ballistic missile attack.

    JD: This is a viable possibility that this crazy in North Korea could send a ballistic missile with a nuclear war head could it not?

    DD: There was a conference here on Friday of it from the Army, from the Air Force, from the Marines and some local politicians and they were saying this is a very real possibility. The main point that they were making is that China is the real threat. China has a full nuclear force that can hit anywhere on earth. And they think North Korea one of the Generals said North Korea is just a spear that they’re using to potential attack the west. So, this is a wake up call for America Jimmy this is a real threat.

    JD: David Dolan reporting from Hawaii with details on our lead story.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    David Dolan was awakened early Saturday morning with the statewide alarm warning of an incoming missile attack thought to be from North Korea with a nuclear warhead on board. As reported this was a false alarm. However, this incident helps the world to realize how real the North Korean threat could be and though mentioned in Bible prophecy this North Korean threat could be.

    North Korea is mentioned in Bible prophecy Revelation 6:12 and that refers to the end of the tribulation period. However, North Korea could use a nuclear weapon of mass destruction to attack America causing an emp and electric magnetic pulse to destroy the United States which by the way is a nation that is not mentioned in Bible prophecy.