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Pauline Dispensationalism


“Traditional Dispensationalism has been brought to confusion by Covenant Theology mainly because they have root similarity.  Hence, unless she moves onto Paul’s vertical plane, there is little or no hope for her survival.
Author: Miles J. Stanford


The Faith of God’s Elect


A unique book expounding the scriptural truth of election without falling into the traps of either Calvinism or Arminianism. Original Author: John F. Parkinson

Not Afraid to Tell the Truth


The authors attempt is to restore the "dispensational safety net" to Bible believing Churches and members of the "Body of Christ" that have become confused by false or deceived teachers and the growing numbers of anti-dispensationalists that have come in among the true brethren unawares, ignorant of the Believer's present heavenly position in the risen, ascended, and glorified Lord Jesus Christ. These teachers by not having rightly divided the Word of Truth have come in to many Evangelical Churches teaching the principles of the gospel of the Kingdom and not the gospel of the Grace of God as delivered to the Apostle Paul which are the directed teachings for the Church in this age of Grace. (1 Cor. 15: 3-5).
Author: Ken Schmidt

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Jimmy DeYoung's News Update
  • False prophets are teaching on the "prophetic phenomenon" for September 23rd, but they are not using the Bible, instead they are using the zodiac
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    JD: We need to take a few moments to actually look at Revelation chapter 12. Who is the woman, who is the child, and who or what is the dragon and how do we determine this from the Biblical text?

    DJ: One of the things we need to understand is that the book of Revelation although it’s largely chronological it’s not completely chronological. When I’m teaching about the book of Revelation I explain it as something like a movie as John is seeing these visions. And what happens in a movie many times as you’re going along you get to a point in the story you have a need for some background information so there will be a flash back.

    Looking into the past from John’s prospective that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. The woman would be the nation of Israel and we know this is the nation of Israel from a couple of different perspectives. One there are 12 stars upon her head one for each of the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel. This woman is the nation of Israel because later in the passage it talks about in verse 6 that she flees into the wilderness where she has a place prepared by God and this is after the child is called up to heaven.

    We understand from the Biblical text that the red dragon is Satan; we understand that very clearly. If we jump ahead to Revelation chapter 20 where the dragon of old is specifically and explicitly identified as Satan. So, as we always say you have to have a proper hermeneutic to interpret scripture and it’s really not that difficult.

    JD: David lets take a moment and turn our attention to the zodiac. The teachers who believe John’s vision will be fulfilled on September 23rd and they’re not guilty of astrology; the two very much different. One astrology an abomination unto the Lord and of course astronomy a science of the heavens.

    DJ: Well the zodiac actually comes from a Greek term, which actually means circle of animals. People are familiar with the zodiac signs understand that some of them are animals and then of course you have the woman the virgin but most of them are animals. It traces back through the Greeks through the Babylonians to the ancient Samarians. And if you remember Biblical geography the nearer east where the tower of Babel was where Nimrod that mighty hunter established a one-world government and a one-world religion and oversaw the building of the tower, which was a part of that religious system who’s top would reach the heaven. So, this goes back all the way to the first religion. And they say from the earliest time the zodiac has been universally used to predict or reflect characteristics of personality and that today we call astrology.

    Furthermore, they use the movements of the stars to predict and Satan I would say is mimicking what God does in prophecy and directing people away from the Revelation of God to the creation itself. That leads to looking at the stars to try to predict future events and that is what these guys are directly into.

    JD: David James with the Biblical explanation of the so-called prophetic phenomenon.

    Bible prophecy is absolute if you use the Bible not the zodiac. 
  • Many prophecy teachers are saying that the Rapture of the Church will take place on the Jewish Feast Day of Trumpets, which is entirely not Biblical
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    JD: You know, they’re saying that with the alignment of the stars and the planets in the heavens on the 23rd of September it may well mean it’s the rapture. Well I don’t know about that but two days earlier it is the beginning of the fall Jewish feasts. Now we’re talking about these feasts and the fall feasts, we’re going to have you back for the other feasts Yom Kipper and the feasts of Tabernacles the other two fall feast that are coming up a week or so away.  But the trumpet feast is actually for the Jewish people Leviticus 23. It’s not for the Christians so when you’re looking and thinking about a trumpet being blown at the rapture of the church we’re not talking about the rapture here. These feasts are for the Jewish people and in particular the feasts of trumpets correct?

    SH: You know Jimmy what you just said I wish I could use it as a banner and plaster it around churches and even amongst Jewish people. These feasts were given to Israel and in the context it’s very clear it’s Israel because it’s in the Torrah there aren’t any Christians at the time that this is given and these feasts are unique to Israel. And so the blowing of the trumpet, which is certainly something the notes gathering. In context has always been the re-gathering of Israel and still to this day Jewish people are scattered. There are many who have come back to the land but by no means have all of them come back to the land. So, this feast is a call back to the land where ultimately the other two feasts will play a major role and they all have to do with Israel.

    It doesn’t mean that I don’t believe the rapture is going to take place. I do, the church is a distinct group from Israel and God is going to call his church to be with himself before the 70 week of Daniel and that’s a whole other series that I know you have covered many times. But Jimmy I can’t emphasize what you just said enough and that is this is unique to Israel. All of these seven feasts are unique to Israel.

    JD: Steve Herzig the National director of Friends of Israel with that Biblical teaching on the Feast of Trumpets.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    As Steve told us the seven Jewish feast days given by God to the Jewish people are recorded in Leviticus chapter 23 and defines the Jewish feast days all seven of them for the Jewish people. For a prophecy teacher to say that the rapture happens on the feast of trumpets shows his lack of knowledge on the Bible. The Bible teaches the rapture can happen at any moment and does not have to wait until the feast of trumpets, that’s I Thessalonians 4:13-18. In fact, the rapture could even happen today. So my dear friend keep looking up. 
  • The so-called prophetic phenomenon to happen on September 23rd is fake news
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    JD: I want to talk about a heavenly phenomenon that’s supposed to be coming up on September 23rd. You’re an astronomer and I understand there’s something out there called astrology. What are the differences between astronomy and astrology?

    DD: Astronomy Jimmy is a good creditable study of the creation of the heavens the sun, moon, and stars. Astrology is counterfeit as if those stars and planets some how control our destiny. Astrology gets into horoscopes and the zodiac and those other areas. I prefer to stick to astronomy, which is a good study of creation.

    JD: When you go to the Internet and Bible prophecy teachers and everybody else talking about what’s going to happen. They’re talking about Virgo and Leo. Now they are calling them constellation. What is a constellation?

    DD: Well Jimmy a constellation is just an association of a group of stars. Constellations can have bright and dim stars in it. Virgo is one that is well known it’s some seen as a picture of a woman. We’re not sure the origin of these constellations they go way back in time. They’re groups of stars that just help us be familiar with a night sky. And yes a special interest in September is Virgo is supposed constellation showing a woman in the sky.

    JD: But they are saying there’s going to be a special alignment and that’s going to be a sign in heaven and you’re saying this is just normal activity and there’s nothing really special about this alignment?

    DD: Well yes, the sun moves through that constellation every year for about a month the moon more often. Now it is interesting this fall in the vicinity of Virgo there are around several planets Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter as they make their rounds. But there’s no exact alignment it’s not in a shape of a crown. Again there is a lot of imagination that goes there.

    JD: Having thought all that through now and seeing what’s going on in the heavenlies especially in the month of September do you see any connection at all with that so called alignment there in Virgo and prophecy itself?

    DD: No, I certainly do not. In this day Jimmy with the social media, with the You Tube it has a life of its own and these stories go on and on. Now, the Lord can return any time he wants no man knows when that will be but September will be a normal fall as best as we can tell with the heavens up there declaring God’s glory.

    JD: Astronomer Dr. Don DeYoung with that information.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    God’s word is absolute when it comes to understanding the future. We do not look to the stars for Bible prophecy. The Bible itself contains all that we need to know about the future not the stars. 
  • As Prime Minister Netanyahu makes an historic trip to South America, Palestinian terrorist depict the Prime Minister as Adolph Hitler in Palestinian propaganda
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    JD: Prime Minister Netanyahu on an historic visit to South America. He goes into Argentina first 
    Buenos Aires and there he sees a Palestinian terrorist group demonstrating against the Prime Minister and depicting him on posters that they are handing out and the newspaper coverage as well as Adolf Hitler. This is despicable. It does talk about the long arm of the Palestinians and their efforts to destroy the Jewish State of Israel, doesn’t it?

    DD: Well it does speak to that Jimmy. They really leave no stone unturned all over the world to oppose Israel and to call for Israel’s destruction. Argentina Jimmy, well of course this is the country that is a welcome mat for some of these people to a certain extent. That’s been true to the very end of World War II when the country acted as a host for many German Nazi that were fleeing Europe and looking for sanctuary and refuge. And of course we also have the worst, the highest number of Jews killed in any terror attack occurred in Argentina of course in Buenos Aires in 1994.  Prime Minister Netanyahu brought that attack up and he reminded the government of Argentina that they need to do more to stir out such people.

    The previous president Jimmy thought to be behind the death of a prosecutor who was bringing someone who was involved in that attack allegedly to trial. He was killed the day he was supposed to speak to the parliament there in Argentina. So, there’s a lot of shenanigans over the years there and the Palestinians feel it’s a good place for them to demonstrate obviously. But to bring up Hitler there it’s ironic but there are historic reasons.

    JD: David Dolan with the details behind the Palestinian terrorist propaganda in Argentina.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is making an historic trip to many countries in South America.  This is the first time an Israeli Prime Minister has made such a trip.

    In Buenos Aires Argentina the Prime Minister was confronted by Palestinian as David Dolan told us by Palestinian terrorist calling the Prime Minister Hitler. This is disgusting especially in light of the Holocaust and Hitler’s Nazi’s and the killing of six million Jews. This scenario fits Bible prophecy as it relates to the Palestinian people. These terrorists want all Jews dead according to Ezekiel 35 and then they want to steal the Jewish land, which they want for a Palestinian state called Palestine. Even in Argentina the Palestinians are pushing their cause against the Jewish people.