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Pauline Dispensationalism


“Traditional Dispensationalism has been brought to confusion by Covenant Theology mainly because they have root similarity.  Hence, unless she moves onto Paul’s vertical plane, there is little or no hope for her survival.
Author: Miles J. Stanford


The Faith of God’s Elect


A unique book expounding the scriptural truth of election without falling into the traps of either Calvinism or Arminianism. Original Author: John F. Parkinson

Not Afraid to Tell the Truth


The authors attempt is to restore the "dispensational safety net" to Bible believing Churches and members of the "Body of Christ" that have become confused by false or deceived teachers and the growing numbers of anti-dispensationalists that have come in among the true brethren unawares, ignorant of the Believer's present heavenly position in the risen, ascended, and glorified Lord Jesus Christ. These teachers by not having rightly divided the Word of Truth have come in to many Evangelical Churches teaching the principles of the gospel of the Kingdom and not the gospel of the Grace of God as delivered to the Apostle Paul which are the directed teachings for the Church in this age of Grace. (1 Cor. 15: 3-5).
Author: Ken Schmidt

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Jimmy DeYoung's News Update
  • The Kurds in Iraq want the United States to establish military bases in the Iraqi-Kurdistan area
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    JD: Talk to me about the trip.

    KT: Well I went to northern Iraq to take part in a conference with Kurds from Syria, Iran, Turkey, and Iraq. They were talking about setting up a united Kurdish state across those four countries. I had the opportunity for example to meet the co-president of the YPD this is the Kurdish Democratic Union party in northern Syria, an American ally. They are the Kurdish group that we are helping in northern Syria against ISIS and she told me that they are desperate for more American help they want a closer relationship. Kurds by the way from all four of these countries said the same thing; they want the United States to take a more active role in the region. And Kurds in Iraq and here’s a point here for you Jimmy, the Kurds in Iraq including people in the government are asking the United States to establish military bases in Iraqi-Kurdistan.

    JD: The Kurds were the major boots on the ground as far as the fight to overthrow Islamic state both in Syria and in Iraq. Has Islamic state been eliminated from there? What do we know?

    KT: The Islamic state has pretty much been annihilated in Mosul but so has western Mosul. The people who have visited there have told me it looks like Hiroshima. ISIS is gone the war there is over for now. My sources were telling me they expect this to be a military conflict by the end of the summer between the Kurds and the Arabs.

    JD: Ken Timmerman who has just returned from Iraq with a report on his visit there in northern Iraq.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    Ken Timmerman gave us an amazing report on his trip to Iraq. Islamic state has been defeated in Mosul however, Ken reports that Mosul has been devastated. And remember the Kurds were the major fighting force in the liberation of Mosul. The Kurds now want the United States to establish military bases in Iraqi-Kurdistan in an effort to stabilize the area. The Kurds as I have said do want their own state in northern Iraq called Kurdistan. This is key for today a Kurdish state in this oil rich region but prophetically it’s a major development. God will raise up the spirit of the meds the modern day Kurds to destroy Babylon that’s Jeremiah 51:11. Remember Iraq is Biblical Babylon. The stage is set for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.
  • Moslems refuse to enter the Temple Mount which could mean a disaster is about to happen
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    JD: The Bible talks about in the book of Zechariah the Temple Mount center of controversy looks like that is the case with the terrorist attack on the Temple Mount last week Israeli security is tighten up. Is it causing all kind of tension as far as the Temple Mount is concerned?

    WM: Well Jimmy let me start from the end. What we call the wolks which is the Moslem religious trust does not want Israel to do anything at all and has been fighting the state of Israel ever since 67 about the administration of this holy site which is holy not only for Moslems but for Jews and Christians as well. Back in October of 2015 John Kerry, Mr. Netanyahu the Prime Minister, and King Abdullah agreed to surveillance cameras and that fell through. If the cameras were in place perhaps the police could have caught these people before they ran out of the Temple Mount and shot the two policemen. So, why should they be apposed to this? They are using it they are exploiting the issue.

    JD: Is the tension intensifying up there on the Temple Mount between the Jews and the Moslems?

    WM: Well Jimmy it just so happens that I was up there on the Wednesday this week and you couldn’t see a Moslem. They are refusing to walk in because they don’t want to go through the metal detectors. But in Saudi Arabia in Mecca there are metal detectors and then when they go to airports there are metal detectors. But there was not a Moslem to be seen and the first time we were not yelled at or spat at. And so it was actually quite pleasant as to appose to recent events. I don’t exactly know how it’s going to turn out. I have a bad feeling they would like to cause violence in order to change the situation but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

    JD: Winkie Medad reporting on the potential disaster on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    Because of a gunfight between the Israeli security forces and Palestinian terrorist on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem Prime Minister Netanyahu at first closed the Temple Mount but then reopened this sacred site with tight security. Israel installed metal detectors and cameras up on the Temple Mount, which caused the Moslems to refuse to enter the Temple Mount. This Moslem action has caused the Lord to be angry which was foretold in Zechariah 1:15.

    Before Jesus Christ returns to Jerusalem, Zechariah 1:16 controversy will surround this sacred site that’s Zechariah 12:2. Stage is set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.
  • The conflict on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is not going to go away
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    JD: This does not look like it’s going to go away.

    DD: No Jimmy, it doesn’t look like it’s going to go away. It’s been over a week now of trouble. It was a week ago Friday that some Israeli security patrolmen were killed just near the Temple Mount by some Palestinian terrorist. They came down to Jerusalem went into the Old City and did this killing near the Lions Gate then escaped up to the Temple Mount and they were followed by Israeli security forces, cornered there, and killed. The Israeli government decided they had no choice but to put in the metal detectors all around the Temple Mount area. Now, we’ve had some in existence for many years now especially going right up to the Temple Mount from the bottom of the Western Wall area but not the other entrances.

    Palestinians don’t like it Jimmy and sign it’s going to continue is we’re hearing more and more Palestinian authority voices endorsing this violence basically calling for a new uprising seems to be happening. Again there’s no more emotional issue than the Temple Mount and the Old City of Jerusalem for the Moslems. Really in some ways Jimmy as I’ve said before it’s a more important holy site than Mecca which is of course their officially holiest site but it was in Jerusalem they believe that Allah demonstrated the voracity of Islam’s claims by giving them the holiest site of the Jews and the holy city for the Christians as well. That’s the bases of this and so I think we have enough fuel going the ultimate escalation would be if Hamas or Hezbollah or both got into this and turned it into a real full war.

    JD: David Dolan with a report on the conflict on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    David Dolan’s report on the conflict in Jerusalem at the Temple Mount brings into focus to very important issues the Temple Mount and the Palestinian people. Bible prophecy speaks directly to both of these issues. The Palestinians, the Biblical edomites of Biblical history will return in the last days according to Malachi chapter 1. The prophet Ezekiel says that these Palestinians will kill the Jews and steal their land, that’s Ezekiel 35:5 & 10.

    The ancient Jewish prophets also speak to the other focus in this report the Temple Mount. Zechariah reveals the importance of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Zechariah 6:12 & 13 tells us Jesus Christ the Messiah will return to the Temple Mount and he will build his Temple where he will rule and reign forever. The present conflict on the Temple Mount is a result of these two prophecies coming together and they will continue to be fulfilled until the Lords return.

  • Christian leaders that prayed over President Trump at the White House say that there will be a spiritual awakening before the Rapture, which the Bible contradicts
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    JD: David, this week many news outlets ran stories with a photo taken in the Oval Office there at the White House about a meeting that President Trump and a number of evangelical leaders had. Talk to us about it.

    DJ: That photo and the articles that accompanied it really lite up the Internet. There were lead articles on the Daily Caller, Washington Post. I was also looking at an article on CBN News as well; they noted that there were about two dozen evangelical leaders who had been meeting near the west wing. Johnny Moore posted a picture of a prayer time when the President found out they were meeting next door the President actually invited them over. A number of the people in the picture praying and laying hands on President Trump.

    JD: Rodney Howard Brown’s Facebook post, he concluded his post with and I’m going to quote, “we are going to see another great spiritual awakening”. I don’t believe there is going to be such a spiritual awakening going to happen in this world before the rapture.

    DJ: Well I agree, I think we look at Romans chapter 1 what I call the death spiral of humanity into sin. Just before the judgment of God we see the world getting worse and worse. You cannot say that the world is getting better. You cannot say that the church is establishing the kingdom of God in this world.

    Now, we do know that there’s going to be a spiritual revival during the tribulation period but it’s going to be after the rapture. And as a result of the 144,000 male version Jewish evangelists who were going to be preaching the gospel of the kingdom during the tribulation period but it’s not going to happen prior to the rapture. And a lot of this comes from the fact that there’s bad theology with regard to the timing of the rapture because many charismatics if not most have now moved to the position where they believe in a post tribulation rapture of the church. In other words, the church is going to go through the tribulation. So, you have a combination of bad eschatology with regard to the timing of the rapture of the church and combining that with political motives this is not ending well.

    JD: David James with a report on the White House prayer meeting and the reasons there will not be a global spiritual awaking before the rapture.

    We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

    The apostle Paul wrote in II Timothy chapter 3 what the end times will be like, that period leading up to the rapture. No scripture calls for a spiritual awakening before the rapture. Bible prophecy actually teaches the opposite, that’s Revelation chapters 1-6. Our prayers must be for an evangelistic outreach with many souls coming to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior before the rapture. By the way that’s the Lord’s will II Peter 3:9 & 12.